S.W.A.T.: 5.22 ‘Farewell’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.22 “Farewell”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Street woke up to his dream girl in bed with him. He’s been in love with Chris for a long time. He was glad that she finally admitted to her own feelings for him and that the two finally slept together. Chris tried to sneak out before Luca came home, but Luca came home early and he saw that the two of them were together and he was just so happy for them. He even wants to high-five them. Chris had to shut that one down. She also told him not to tell anyone because this was Chris’s last day and neither she nor Street wanted to ruin that with rumors. They were going to be open about their relationship they officially stopped working together. Not before. Chris and Street just wanted her last day to go out on a high.

The team was later called out to a nasty scene at a chemical lab on campus. Someone who had gotten fired due to a disciplinary hearing had come back for revenge and he forced the class by gunpoint to build toxic bombs that could kill thousands. He then left the case and their professor with one of those bombs and escaped with the others. But SWAT came on the scene. They rescued the people that the killer left for dead. They heard from the professor who did this. His name was Joseph Reid. He made the rest of them build a nerve gas that needed one other component. That component could be found at the hospital.

The team went to the hospital. Someone had taken several of their supplies and security footage showed that Reid’s roommate was the person helping him. The team learned this right around the same time that they went looking for Reid. They found the roommate instead who tried to spray them with something, but he only managed to spray himself. Reid meanwhile was getting away and he wasn’t the only one. He had a whole crew helping him cook up this nerve gas. Odds are that they were planning a terrorist attack. Hondo informed his team what he found at the hospital and the sheer amount they were cooking up could kill thousands.

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S.W.A.T.: 5.21 ‘Zodiac’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.21 “Zodiac”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Chris is leaving the team. She was leaving SWAT because she wanted to take over an immigrant safe house for women and so she hasn’t given up on training with the team. She still trains. She doesn’t want her last few days to be pointless. But she wasn’t talking to Street. Street thought her leaving the team would be the perfect time for them to finally give in to their feelings only for Chris to tell him that then wasn’t the right time. Street quickly realized that nothing he or she will ever do would change how the relationship worked. He gave up. He told her he gave up. He started going on dates again and so they were both moving on when they got the call. They got called to a house after a tutor heard gunshots as well as screams coming from inside.

The tutor was an SAT tutor. She got hired by a boy’s parents to help him get a high score. She came by the house right after an armed group of men broke in and they took the family hostage. The men were looking for some statues. They tried torturing the family. Everything they didn’t get them the answers they wanted and so they killed everyone they could find before fleeing. The only family member that survived was Caitlin. Caitlin’s father, brother, and mother were all killed. She was given the care of a social worker while her grandmother flies out to be with her. The little girl was hiding amongst her toys. She didn’t see what happen.

Caitlin had no clue that her family was dead. The only thing she knew was that her dog was missing. She asked the police officers where her dog was. She needed him to help comfort her and so the team went looking for this dog while they tried to solve the case. The Weaver family was killed over some statues. The team looked into these statues. The statues were worth thirty million dollars each and there were three statues in all. It turns out the dad had bought them a while back, but he recently sold them because he needed cash fast and so the family didn’t even have the statues anymore. They were killed for nothing.

SWAT tried tracing their statues on their own. They found out the Weavers sold them to an art appraiser and that the appraiser found several clients for the statues. This means the statues could be all around LA if not the country by the time the team found out about it. They needed all hands on deck. Only Hondo was working a side case. Hondo wanted to go after Hank St. John. He was a notorious drug dealer in the area. He was peddling a new drug ANI. ANI stands for All Night Insanity. It attacks the nervous system and it’s hard to come down from. The latest victim of ANI was a daughter of a friend. Her name is Becca.

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S.W.A.T.: 5.20 ‘Quandary’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.20 “Quandary”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Street gets talked into a double date by Luca. He doesn’t want to do it but agrees. Meanwhile, a teen girl and boy break into a house. They take beer from the fridge before finding guns. The teen girl shoots up the place and then shoots through the bay window at the cop that has arrived.

SWAT is called in. A neighbor tells Hondo the teens are from a group home. Just then the teen girl shoots. It isn’t long before the teen boy comes out to surrender. The event in the house stops the teen. Street finds a room filled with guns, ghost guesses, and more. The man who owns the house is a gun runner who needs to be investigated as he has something dangerous planned.

The man returns home. He tries to run. He grabs him and questions him. He admits to selling a large number of guns to a person who has big plans for today. Meanwhile, Deacon consoles a rookie who was almost forced to shoot the teen girl from earlier.

Chris speaks with an older woman who runs a safe house she has remained friends. The woman is in the hospital and needs help relocating the lady she has been protecting that life in her home. Chris offers her help.

The team moves in on a suspect whose plates were identified at the home of the gun dealer. He is armed. They take him down. They question him but he won’t talk about what has been planned. They find a picture of interest, a photo of the man’s nephew. They learn he has a past.

The man’s nephew Tom has some extreme views online and criminal history. They learn he is anti-cop and more. They track him down to a gated community in California. They head there after learning the California governor is staying there and the nephew and his group are after her.

SWAT arrives just in time by helicopter after the group breaks into the home where the governor is. They take her and her mother hostage. SWAT finally gets into the house and looks to locate the governor who has been tied up by Tom.

SWAT gets into the room and shoots Tom in the hand, grabbing the governor. Back at headquarters, Street finally confesses to Luca that he cares for Chris. Luca tells him he needs to work it out.

Chris tells Hondo about her friend and how she is dying. Chris confesses to Hondo she is contemplating leaving SWAT to run the safe house. He supports her and will help her do what she wants to do.

Deacon checks on the rookie. She shares that her head won’t stop buzzing after all of the drama. He tells her she needs to work on her mental game and processing to stay healthy. Deacon takes her to his church to show her what he does. Meanwhile, Street sees Chris. She tells him how she is going to run the safe house. He sees this as their shot to be together but she doesn’t. She is holding back, but he cannot do this anymore. He leaves.

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S.W.A.T.: 5.19 ‘Incoming’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.19 “Incoming”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Street calls Chris. He is out of town for work in Miami. He tells her he cannot stop thinking about her. She tells him they can’t. Street knows but he cannot help it. He picks up his prisoner and heads to board the plane.

Hondo gives Nichelle a key to his house at breakfast. He wants her to move in. At work, Hondo tells the team that Nichelle is moving in. They all congratulated him.

On the plane, several men assist Street’s prisoner by stashing a gun in the bathroom. When the prisoner goes in, he unlocks his cuffs and comes out ready to shoot. His men surround him. The suspect then goes to the cockpit. He shares that his name is Peter and he has all the passengers as his hostages. He wants his wife released from a California jail and then he plans to take off with a plane they need to supply.

Hondo and the team are informed of the hostage situation. They have less than 5 hours before the plane lands. They need to save Street and those onboard. They get to work on how they will save everyone. Hondo calls into the plane and demands to talk to Street. The team works to determine how many hijackers are on board.

After, the team looks at the schematics of the plane and then discusses how they plan to take down the men. They run through practice drills on how they plan to execute their mission.

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S.W.A.T.: 5.18 ‘Family’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.18 “Family”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Hondo is going through some old boxes. He finds some books he read when he was younger. He shows his dad. They reminiscence. His dad is looking for a place. He will find something nice but needs some time.

Street, Tan, and Dom are outside work talking. Dom gets a call. Terry is in trouble. He runs off. Meanwhile, Hicks runs into an old friend, a judge named Martin at an outside coffee vendor. After they say goodbye, Hicks hears shots and runs into a nearby garage. Martin is on the ground shot. Hicks calls for help, as he watches the getaway car drive off.

Hondo arrives to check on Hicks. He offers SWAT’s help. The lead detective accepts. Dom picks up Terry from jail. They argue. Terry is in trouble again and he is sick of it. Back at headquarters, Hicks and the team review footage from the scene. They also learn that Martin ruled on a case involving cancer clusters from a high-profile case. They get a call. They have a victim who was shot by a woman driving a similar getaway car.

Hondo and Deacon talk back at work. They talk about the caste and then Hondo shares his dad has skipped all of his apartment showings. He just found out and has no idea why. Hicks visits Martin’s wife. She is sad but happy to see Hicks.

Dom vents to the team about Terry. He was helping a new girlfriend and got himself in trouble. Tan brings them a lead. They head to the suspect’s house. He tries to run but Hondo tackles him. They learn his ex is dead, just when the team thought she might be the female shooter. He shares she killed herself a month ago. They quickly piece together that her sister is the shooter. Her name is Naomi.

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S.W.A.T.: 5.17 ‘Cry Foul’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.17 “Cry Foul”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


The team is going through training when something in the distance explodes. They rush there and find infrastructure all over the place with fires. It appears a large oil tank exploded. A new trainee Nina helps a woman escape danger. Street and the others watch from below.

Deacon and his wife Annie, meet with a prisoner by the last name of Ortiz who they believe is innocent of murdering a woman named Maria. After, they meet with the victim Maria’s old employer. Deacon gets called to the explosion.

Deacon and Street find what looks like a bomb at the site of the oil explosion. They speak with Hondo and Hicks. The team meets after. This was headed off by a group that believes oil drilling and more is wrong. Deacon is interrupted. It’s a detective named Ed who has come to ask Deacon to drop his look into the Ortiz case. Deacon thinks the case deserves another look at.

The team tracks down a few suspects who may be responding to the explosion. Hondo and Deacon talk about the attack. A councilwoman comes in. She is mad that her neighborhoods aren’t getting the proper protection. Hondo assures them SWAT has a good strategy. Later, Hicks speaks with Nina. She shouldn’t have gone running off to save that woman. It was dangerous. Nina gives him an attitude. He tells her to watch herself. Street hears the whole thing but stays out of sight.

The team heads out to grab their suspects. They all run. The team is forced to chase them on foot through restaurants and streets. They manage to get them. One man tells them he is innocent. He is making a documentary. He is advocating for the oil wells and drilling to come to an end but he isn’t responding to this. He knows a few guys who crashed one of their meetings who were mad his group was not being aggressive enough.

Annie discovers Maria was having an affair with a coworker named Scott whose wife filed for divorce and then got a restraining order.

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S.W.A.T.: 5.16 ‘The Fugitive’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.16 “The Fugitive”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Hondo and the team are in the middle of a high-speed chase with a van of criminals. The team gets creative to stop the van on a bridge. One of the men gets out and attempts to jump off the bridge but Hondo grabs him in the air before he can. After, Honda learns that two officers that were on the chase are missing.

The next morning, Honda heads to leave to help find the two officers when a video is released online. The video shows Hondo and the two officers. He has them taped on and their news. He is sick of cops misbehaving. The pair have complaints against them and now he is going to clean the streets. He shoots them in the video. Hondo and Michelle watch the video in horror. He was home all night. That was not really him. Hondo tells her he needs to clear his name. As officers arrived at his house, he takes off.

Deacon meets Hondo secretly. He gives him a burner. The rest of the team shows up. Hondo isn’t happy. They tell him they are with him and going to help. They discuss their plan to track down the real criminals. They divide up their jobs, looking into the officers and who they were targeted.

Hondo and Street meet with a computer hacker and pro Street knows. She views the video and tells them it’s a deep fake. She tells them how the person hacked Hondo’s phone to make the video. Back at the station, Hicks tells Deac he knows they are all helping Hondo. He doesn’t want to know anything but he needs them to hurry up and clear his name.

Street and Hondo wait for the hacker to get them more information. Tan, Alonso, and Deac catch a lead. They locate a trailer filled with cameras and computer equipment. Their suspect is gone. They find the raw footage of the video. The two officers may still be alive. They have the proof.

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S.W.A.T.: 5.15 ‘Donor’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.15 “Donor”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Hondo is still on Saint’s trail. Saint was an old friend of his father’s. The two men used to be in the Black Panthers together and their friendship faltered off after Hondo’s dad left the party. But Hondo and Saint recently butted heads in a case. Saint pretended to be helping when really he was hunting three teenagers and he was going to kill them if Hondo’s team hadn’t stopped them. Hondo became aware of Saint’s shady dealings after that. He tried to take down Saint. He went after Saint’s money by shutting down his stash houses and taking millions away from him and it was no good because Saint’s people refuse to turn on him.

They were loyal. Almost as loyal as Hondo’s team were for him. Hondo wanted to keep going after Saint and unfortunately work and more often than not Saint got in the way. Saint launched a counteraction to Hondo shutting down his stash houses. It turns out Saint got into contact with Raymont Harris. Harris was the black teenager who got shot by a white cop and that launched Hondo’s career into the spotlight. He used to play the second fiddler to the shooter and, after the incident, that was no more. Hondo became team captain. He runs things now and he knew that Saint was up to no good with Harris.

Hondo was on good terms with Harris. He reached out to the young man. He found out that Harris graduated from UCLA early and that he got a degree in business. Harris now wants to go into business for himself. He wanted to create a mobile farmer’s market that would get fresh produce into troubled areas. It was a good idea and it would be great for the community. But Harris wanted to accept money from Saint as an investment. Which was a bad idea. Saint would wait until the man got in too deep and then take advantage of him. And so Hondo spoke to Harris as a way of warning the young man about Saint.

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