S.W.A.T.: 6.10 ‘Witness’ Promo & Synopsis

The SWAT team races to locate a young boy abducted from a homeless shelter. Also, Street allows his personal history to cloud his judgement on the kidnapping case, and Hondo and Nichelle find themselves at odds over their spiritual beliefs.

admin | Jan 08, 2023
S.W.A.T.: 6.09 ‘Pariah’ Promo & Synopsis

When faced with a series of random shootings, one SWAT member’s family connections could be the key to stopping the next attack. Also, Hondo prepares to meet Rochelle’s parents for the first time, and Tan helps Luca navigate a sensitive situation.

admin | Jan 01, 2023
S.W.A.T.: 6.08 ‘Guacaine’ Promo & Synopsis

When violence erupts at a popular food truck festival, the team must contend with a deadly cartel determined to recover a large lost drug shipment at any cost.

admin | Dec 04, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 6.07 ‘Sequel’ Promo & Synopsis

When an intruder breaks into the home of a Hollywood actress, Hondo and the team are forced to partner with an old nemesis – former 20 Squad leader Sanchez – to track down a dangerous criminal who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Also, Tan struggles to find the perfect anniversary gift for his wife.

admin | Nov 20, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 6.06 ‘Checkmate’ Promo & Synopsis

When a cop on the verge of shutting down a major drug operation is abducted, Hondo and the squad race to save one of their own before it’s too late. Also, Luca grows concerned about sudden changes in Hicks’ behavior.

admin | Nov 06, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 6.05 ‘Unraveling’ Promo & Synopsis

When the team stops the flash-mob robbery of a department store, they fear the crime was designed to distract from something more sinister – murder. Also, Hondo enlists Street to connect with Powell after she ignores orders in the field.

admin | Oct 30, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 6.04 ‘Maniak’ Promo & Synopsis

When a convicted killer makes a prison break, the team works to protect the people on his hit list. Also, Hondo unexpectedly crosses paths with a former flame.

admin | Oct 23, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 6.03 ‘Woah Black Betty’ Promo & Synopsis

When S.W.A.T.’s armored vehicle is stolen, the squad must team up with FBI Agent Vasquez, a former LAPD officer who was once denied a position on the S.W.A.T. team, to stop the vehicle from being used in a potential terrorist attack. Also, Hondo and Nichelle prepare for their baby’s gender reveal party.

admin | Oct 16, 2022

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