S.W.A.T.: 5×04 ‘Sentinel’ Promo & Synopsis

As the team races to stop a violent band of armed robbers, the search is complicated by civilians using a public safety app that encourages vigilantism. Also, Street receives difficult news that alters his future.

admin | Oct 21, 2021
S.W.A.T.: 5×03 ‘27 David’ Promo & Synopsis

When a robbery crew holds up the iconic downtown Los Angeles library, the team discovers that stolen architectural drawings could lead to a major threat against the city. Also, the squad is surprised by the arrival of a new leader, longtime LAPD veteran and former S.W.A.T. member Rodrigo Sanchez

admin | Oct 11, 2021
S.W.A.T.: 5×02 ‘Madrugada’ Promo & Synopsis

Still in Mexico, Hondo teams up with a local cop for a dangerous rescue mission, only to find himself with a target on his back. Also, back in Los Angeles, Hicks considers disbanding the team for good.

admin | Oct 02, 2021
S.W.A.T.: 5×01 ‘Vagabundo’ Promo & Synopsis

In the aftermath of his decision to speak out in the press, Hondo retreats to a quiet town in Mexico to reassess his life and professional future, only to find himself reluctantly drawn into one local family’s fight for justice.

admin | Oct 01, 2021
‘S.W.A.T.’ 4×18 ‘Veritas Vincit’ Promo & Synopsis

The bombing of a Los Angeles police station puts the city on edge, leading the team to a final showdown with a group of domestic extremists. Also, Hondo faces the fallout from a bold decision that threatens his future, and Tan takes a big step in his personal life.

admin | May 20, 2021
‘S.W.A.T.’ 4×17 ‘Whistleblower’ Promo & Synopsis

The team races to rescue victims of a sex trafficking ring that is preying on disenfranchised women. Also, Hondo finds himself at odds with Leroy and Darryl over the future of their business, and Street confronts Chris about meeting with his hospitalized mom.

admin | May 15, 2021
‘S.W.A.T.’ 4×16 ‘Lockdown’ Promo & Synopsis

When four escaped prisoners take control of a courthouse with Hondo and Deacon inside but unarmed, the two race to save the lives of innocent civilians while trying to avoid detection themselves. Also, Street visits his mother, Karen, in the hospital and faces a pivotal decision.

admin | May 12, 2021
‘S.W.A.T.’ 4×15 ‘Local Heroes’ Promo & Synopsis

The team tries to track down a media-savvy crew of bank robbers who consider themselves a band of modern-day Robin Hoods, funnelling stolen cash back into their struggling neighborhood, before the mission turns deadly. Also, Hondo and Deacon clash over how to deal with a group of cops’ racist views.

admin | Apr 23, 2021

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