S.W.A.T.: 5.22 ‘Farewell’ Promo & Synopsis

When control of a university chemistry lab is seized, the SWAT team races to thwart a devastating terror attack.

admin | May 18, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 5.21 ‘Zodiac’ Promo & Synopsis

When a home invasion turns deadly, the SWAT team embarks on a race to track down priceless antique artifacts before any more lives are lost. Also, Leroy enlists Hondo’s help after an overdose hits close to home.

admin | May 10, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 5.20 ‘Quandary’ Promo & Synopsis

When SWAT discovers an illegal weapons dealer has sold stock to someone targeting a high-level politician, the team rushes to stop a deadly ambush.

admin | May 03, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 5.19 ‘Incoming’ Promo & Synopsis

When a plane carrying Street and the dangerous prisoner he’s transporting is hijacked, the SWAT team races to save the innocent passengers onboard – and one of their own. Also, Hondo take a big step in his relationship with Nichelle.

admin | Apr 26, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 5.18 ‘Family’ Promo & Synopsis

When Hicks witnesses the assassination of his longtime friend, a prominent judge, the team races to find the shooter and determine why he was targeted. Also, Luca struggles with how to help his brother, Terry, after he’s arrested.

admin | Apr 19, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 5.17 ‘Cry Foul’ Promo & Synopsis

When a series of deadly explosions hits oil derricks across Los Angeles, SWAT teams up to hunt down an activist-turned-terrorist. Also, Deacon and his wife, Annie work to free a reformed drug dealer who they believe was sent away for a murder he didn’t commit.

admin | Apr 12, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 5.16 ‘The Fugitive’ Promo & Synopsis

When body cam footage left at a local news station seems to show Hondo shooting two police officers, he is forced to go on the run while the team works to clear his name.

admin | Mar 29, 2022
S.W.A.T.: 5.15 ‘Donor’ Promo & Synopsis

When hospital employees are targeted by a gunman, the SWAT team races to find a grieving father whose son was denied a kidney transplant. Also, Hondo searches for evidence to prove his theory of the culprit behind an alarming rise in Los Angeles stash houses.

admin | Mar 22, 2022

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