As S.W.A.T. Waits For Season 5 Return, Shemar Moore And The Cast Are Doing What They Do Best. That Is, Cornhole

by Megan Behnke for Cinema Blend

Season 5 of S.W.A.T. has finally started filming, and while there are some uncertainties due to the new Delta variant of COVID-19, things are not slowing down. One thing that the cast loves to do on their time off is hang out together even more by playing none other than Cornhole. AKA Bags. AKA Tailgate Toss. And star Shemar Moore is showing off the S.W.A.T. cornhole lifestyle ahead of the upcoming season.

In a video posted to Instagram, Shemar Moore gives fans a look at his mansion where he has hosted Cornhole parties with friends and S.W.A.T. co-stars and crew members. They take things very seriously and according to the Criminal Minds alum, S.W.A.T. Cornhole is a lifestyle.

As if the video weren’t enough proof that S.W.A.T. Cornhole has taken over in terms of outside activities the cast is interested in, there is even an official Instagram page that highlights all things Cornhole for the CBS series; in truth, it is truly something. “Chasing bad guys by day, slinging bean bags by night” may be the account’s bio, and if that doesn’t scream “Season 5 storyline” I honestly don’t know what does. I’m sure the cast wouldn’t mind if there was an episode of all the characters just chilling on a day off and having a Cornhole contest, considering they have gone through quite a lot in the last few seasons. Even heroes deserve a break.

It’s always nice to see casts of shows or movies hanging out off-set, as it proves that the chemistry is really there. Although it does make you wonder if any other CBS series is doing something similar. Could we get a Cornhole competition between S.W.A.T. and former Wednesday partner SEAL Team? Or could there already be an in-franchise competition between NCIS that fans aren’t aware of? Is this truly how Shemar Moore’s Hondo and everyone else on S.W.A.T. spends their time downtime on the show? These are the questions that need answers.

Meanwhile, the fifth season of S.W.A.T. is quickly coming up, as its October premiere date is fast approaching. The season will be starting with a big two-parter that will partially take place in Mexico. While there is no telling just what else will be included in the upcoming season — I’m still rooting for the squad playing a couple games of Cornhole — fans can likely expect the beginning of the season to address some lingering storylines and feelings from the Season 4 finale.

Shemar Moore is right: S.W.A.T. Cornhole is a lifestyle and it’s not something to be taking lightly. It’s all jokes and it’s for fun, but maybe it will turn into something much bigger one of these days. In the meantime, fans can definitely look forward to more content on Instagram and keep up with the next match.

admin | Sep 13, 2021
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Happy Birthday Shemar!

Wishing Shemar the biggest of Happy Birthday’s today. Love from Gemma & Audrey and all the visitors.

admin | Apr 20, 2019

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