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1x01 | Extreme AggressorThe team profiles a serial killer who has abducted a woman who may still be alive. Meanwhile, Agent Aaron Hotchner is asked to evaluate Agent Gideon, who suffered a breakdown after his actions in an investigation led to the deaths of several agents.
2 683
1x02 | CompulsionThe team searches for a serial arsonist who's terrorizing a college campus, but hits a wall in their investigation when the behavior doesn't fit their standard profile of an arsonist.
1 450
1x03 | Won't Get Fooled AgainThe team searches for a copycat serial bomber whose MO is identical to that of Adrian Bale, the bomber responsible for killing six of Gideon's agents, and Gideon confronts Bale in prison to see if he's linked to the crimes.
2 485
1x04 | Plain SightThe team heads to San Diego after six rape-murders occur over a three-week period, crimes perpetrated by a killer who glues his victims' eyes open.
1 640
1x05 | Broken MirrorThe team profiles a kidnapper who abducts a teen and demands $500,000 for her return. But what's most intriguing is his fixation on the girl's twin sister: She is the only person he wants to talk to and he demands that she make the drop-off. Meanwhile, Hotch learns that his pregnant wife is having contractions, but she insists that he stay on the case and save the girl.
2 742
1x06 | L.D.S.K.The team searches for a sniper---or L.D.S.K. (Long Distance Serial Killer) in FBI speak---who has shot six people, but only in the stomach. But the task is daunting, in that there is no known profile for this type of criminal, since they are rare.
2 301
1x07 | The FoxA killer targets families with two children who are about to go on vacation, and holds them hostage for days before killing each family member. The case hits home for Hotch, as he has just become a father.
2 683
1x08 | Natural Born KillerThe team works with a Baltimore FBI unit to find a killer described as a “pure psychopath” who tortures and mutilates his victims, when it's believed that he's holding an undercover agent captive.
1 760
1x09 | DerailedElle is among a group of hostages being held on a train by a psychotic man who believes the government is monitoring him, and he demands to talk to the “higher authority.”
1 350
1x10 | The Popular KidsThe team goes to a small town where a teen was murdered. A skeleton found at the crime scene suggests the death could be connected to a satanic ritual. It is also discovered that the victim was with a girl who is now missing and is possibly being held by the group responsible for the murder.
2 785
1x11 | Blood HungryThe team---minus Gideon, who's stuck at the office on crutches---travels to Tennessee to find a psychotic killer who eviscerates his victims and takes their organs, supposedly to eat them.
1 480
1x12 | What Fresh Hell?The team members search for an 11-year-old girl who was abducted in a park, but they were notified 20 hours after the crime, and their chances of finding the girl alive are greatly diminished.
2 524
1x13 | PoisonThe team travels to New Jersey where several people have been poisoned with LSD that's 10 times more potent than the street dose, which has led to one fatality.
1 480
1x14 | Riding the LightningGideon and Hotch interview a couple on death row for serial-murder convictions hours before their executions to see if there are undiscovered bodies, and Gideon suspects the woman may be innocent.
1 340
1x15 | Unfinished BusinessA retired BAU profiler works with the team when a serial killer who eluded him years ago---and has become his obsession---may have resurfaced and started to kill again. The former profiler's lack of personal life has Elle reflecting on her own life and her lack of fulfillment outside of the job.
1 500
1x16 | The TribeA group of college students in New Mexico is tortured and murdered, and the team suspects a group of killers with a knowledge of Native American rituals. The investigation is helped by a man respected among the local Apache Indians.
1 420
1x17 | A Real RainIn New York City, the team tracks a serial killer who seems to choose victims indiscriminately, and as Morgan points out, “with no discernible victim pattern, a killer is practically impossible to stop.”
2 382
1x18 | Somebody's WatchingWhile conducting a training seminar for the LAPD, Reid and Gideon become involved in a celebrity murder case and call the rest of the team out to California. As the case develops, they find it necessary to protect an actress who seems to develop an attraction to Reid, and the feeling is mutual.
1 500
1x19 | MachismoThe team travels to a tourist town in Mexico where a woman was murdered. The local authorities there want the profilers to confirm that this is an isolated murder and not the work of a serial killer as the press is suggesting, thereby threatening the town's livelihood. Unfortunately, all the evidence points to a serial killer.
3 454
1x20 | Charm and HarmThe team travels to Florida to search for a serial killer whose identity is known, but who is eluding the local authorities while holding a woman captive. The team investigates his past, hoping to find clues that will reveal where the man is going.
1 400
1x21 | Secrets and LiesGideon's team investigates a CIA counter-terrorism unit to identify a traitor who had a fellow agent murdered and who is trying to find and kill the unit's informant, a Saudi woman with two children who are in hiding.
1 500
1x22 | The Fisher King: Part 1Part 1 of 2. A kidnapper brings the vacationing team members together by playing a frustrating game, giving them cryptic clues to lead them to a young woman being held captive. The kidnapper has also hacked into the team's personal files, posing a threat to Hotch's wife and child, who have to be relocated until the case is solved.
2 704

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