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2x01 | The Fisher King: Part 2Conclusion. The team continues its search for a kidnapped girl and her enigmatic abductor, who has left clues for the agents. Tired of following the kidnapper's lead, Gideon has the team proceed as they would on any other case.
2 650
2x02 | P911A former profiler working undercover in the bureau's child-pornography unit brings in the team to find a captive child who's being sold in an online auction.
3 644
2x03 | The Perfect StormThe teams search for what they believe are two killer cohorts who torture and murder young women and then send DVD recordings of their crimes to the victims' mothers.
1 640
2x04 | PsychodramaThe agents travel to Los Angeles when a bank robber's MO changes to include displays of rage along with telling his hostages to strip and engage in sexual acts in front of the others.
1 600
2x05 | AftermathThe team profiles a serial rapist who attacked young women at religious schools before taking a six-week break and resuming his crimes, but targeting a different demographic.
1 500
2x06 | The BoogeymanA small community in Texas is terrorized by a killer who takes children into the woods and murders them. Meanwhile, a worried Hotch searches for Elle after she misses a mandatory psych evaluation and doesn't answer her cell phone.
2 847
2x07 | North MammonA man abducts three college women and locks them in a room, telling them that only two of them will live and they must choose who dies. The team takes the case when J.J., who grew up in the victims' hometown, is approached by one of the mothers.
2 489
2x08 | Empty PlanetThe team travels to Seattle, where a serial bomber is targeting centers of automated technology, and Reid discovers that the perpetrator is obsessed with a futuristic novel in which humans are taken over by robots.
2 805
2x09 | The Last WordThe team searches for two serial killers who are terrorizing the same town. They're polar opposites in method and personality, and seem to be in competition with each other. Meanwhile, a new profiler arrives to join the team, but neither Hotch nor Gideon know anything about her.
2 655
2x10 | Lessons LearnedGideon interrogates a detained terror suspect at Gitmo after a raid on a suspicious home uncovers a device designed to disperse chemical weapons and clues that indicate an attack is imminent and that lead to the detainee. Also, new agent Emily Prentiss, who's fluent in Arabic, joins Reid in studying the terrorist while Gideon talks to him.
2 323
2x11 | Sex, Birth, DeathThe team travel to Washington, D.C., where a serial killer is targeting prostitutes, and they suspect that a teen who approached Reid to ask his opinion about serial murders is the killer. Meanwhile, a congresswoman about to make a speech on the decreased crime rate threatens to take the case from Hotch if he calls a press conference to talk about the murders.
1 400
2x12 | Profiler, ProfiledWhen Morgan goes home to see his family in Chicago, he's arrested as a serial killer by a detective who used a profile that Gideon had sent to him after reviewing the case. The team flies to Chicago to find the real murderer and exonerate Morgan.
2 1,511
2x13 | No Way OutIn a diner in Nevada, surrounded by local police, Gideon sits with a notorious serial killer and tries to get him to divulge where he's keeping a woman hostage. Adding to the drama is the killer's vow to walk out of the diner a free man.
2 605
2x14 | The Big GamePart 1 of 2. The team pursues what is believed to be a team of killers that sets up computer webcams to record murders and then posts them on the Internet. Tobias Hankel: James Van Der Beek. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms have cameos.
2 453
2x15 | RevelationsConclusion. The team's urgency to find the killer increases when they realize he's holding Reid captive and they see a live feed of a bound and drugged Reid, who flashes back to his own troubled childhood while drifting in and out of consciousness.
2 443
2x16 | Fear and LoathingThe agents travel to a mostly white New York suburb where four murders are believed to be hate crimes since three of the victims, young black women, had swastikas painted on their faces. The agents need to work fast to prevent another killing and the possibility of a race riot among the town's tense residents.
2 984
2x17 | DistressThe agents travel to Houston where a killer snaps his victims' necks, but the seemingly random pattern of choosing who dies baffles the team. Because the murders occurred near construction sites and abandoned buildings, the agents believe the killer is a homeless person.
2 401
2x18 | JonesGideon tracks a serial killer in New Orleans who slashes his victims' throats, then disembowels them. The murderer was thought to have perished in Hurricane Katrina until a fourth victim turned up in the French Quarter. The probe reveals the killer sent a letter to the lead detective in the case confirming that he's back in action. Gideon also believes the man identifies closely with Jack the Ripper and may be copying his crimes.
1 480
2x19 | Ashes and DustThe team tries to stop a serial arsonist who targets the homes of upper-middle-class families and strikes when everyone is sleeping.
1 400
2x20 | Honor Among ThievesAgent Prentiss' mother, Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss, asks the team to help locate a Russian immigrant who has been kidnapped and held for ransom.
1 660
2x21 | Open SeasonThe team investigate the discovery of bodies in the Idaho wilderness and they theorize that a group of killers is hunting humans for sport.
2 366
2x22 | LegacyThe team travels to Kansas City to investigate a report of missing homeless people.
2 382
2x23 | No Way Out, Part II: The Evilution of FrankIn the second-season finale, Keith Carradine reprises his role as a serial killer. After Frank murders Gideon's girlfriend, Gideon takes off on his own to track him and becomes a suspect in the murder. The team must profile both men to find them.
2 353

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