S.W.A.T.: 5.19 ‘Incoming’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.19 “Incoming”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Street calls Chris. He is out of town for work in Miami. He tells her he cannot stop thinking about her. She tells him they can’t. Street knows but he cannot help it. He picks up his prisoner and heads to board the plane.

Hondo gives Nichelle a key to his house at breakfast. He wants her to move in. At work, Hondo tells the team that Nichelle is moving in. They all congratulated him.

On the plane, several men assist Street’s prisoner by stashing a gun in the bathroom. When the prisoner goes in, he unlocks his cuffs and comes out ready to shoot. His men surround him. The suspect then goes to the cockpit. He shares that his name is Peter and he has all the passengers as his hostages. He wants his wife released from a California jail and then he plans to take off with a plane they need to supply.

Hondo and the team are informed of the hostage situation. They have less than 5 hours before the plane lands. They need to save Street and those onboard. They get to work on how they will save everyone. Hondo calls into the plane and demands to talk to Street. The team works to determine how many hijackers are on board.

After, the team looks at the schematics of the plane and then discusses how they plan to take down the men. They run through practice drills on how they plan to execute their mission.

Street secretly speaks with the flight attendant. They plot a takeover but he doesn’t work when the flight attendant takes too long. The suspect tases Street. He then calls Hondo. He doesn’t want any more trouble

Luca confronts a trainee over her lack of hearing during a drill. He tells her about the strict medical standards. She tells him she can manage it. Meanwhile, Deacon meets with the suspect’s wife in jail. Hicks speaks with her too. They know that she knows what the plan is when the plane lands.

Street consoles the flight attendant. She really tried to help. He promises her she will be safe. They get to talking. She doesn’t have anyone. She made the mistake of waiting on a guy for too long and eventually they split. Street shares that he has someone waiting for him but she has him in a holding pattern. Street gets to thinking about Chris. After, he realizes he may be able to use the flight attendant’s hairpin.

The team runs their drills again. The trainee tells Luca since she won’t be able to make SWAT she is done. He tries to talk it out with her but she doesn’t care. She has made up her mind.

Chris pays the suspect’s wife a visit. She makes her see that her husband and she will probably die. Chris gets her to cooperate. She tells Chris the plan.

The plane lands. The suspect’s wife is on the tarmac. She gives him a signal that all is good. Meanwhile, the team secretly gets under the plane, cutting the wires while inside Street works to unlock his cuffs. Hondo comes in out of nowhere and they take out the men.

After, Street thanks Chris before taking the flight attendant out for a bite and then home. Chris looks devastated. Back at home, Nichelle gives her key back to Hondo. He is confused. She shares that at the doctor today she was told her chance of conceiving is very slim. She knows he wants a family. He hugs her. It isn’t a deal-breaker for him.

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