S.W.A.T.: 5.21 ‘Zodiac’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.21 “Zodiac”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore shemar moore


Chris is leaving the team. She was leaving SWAT because she wanted to take over an immigrant safe house for women and so she hasn’t given up on training with the team. She still trains. She doesn’t want her last few days to be pointless. But she wasn’t talking to Street. Street thought her leaving the team would be the perfect time for them to finally give in to their feelings only for Chris to tell him that then wasn’t the right time. Street quickly realized that nothing he or she will ever do would change how the relationship worked. He gave up. He told her he gave up. He started going on dates again and so they were both moving on when they got the call. They got called to a house after a tutor heard gunshots as well as screams coming from inside.

The tutor was an SAT tutor. She got hired by a boy’s parents to help him get a high score. She came by the house right after an armed group of men broke in and they took the family hostage. The men were looking for some statues. They tried torturing the family. Everything they didn’t get them the answers they wanted and so they killed everyone they could find before fleeing. The only family member that survived was Caitlin. Caitlin’s father, brother, and mother were all killed. She was given the care of a social worker while her grandmother flies out to be with her. The little girl was hiding amongst her toys. She didn’t see what happen.

Caitlin had no clue that her family was dead. The only thing she knew was that her dog was missing. She asked the police officers where her dog was. She needed him to help comfort her and so the team went looking for this dog while they tried to solve the case. The Weaver family was killed over some statues. The team looked into these statues. The statues were worth thirty million dollars each and there were three statues in all. It turns out the dad had bought them a while back, but he recently sold them because he needed cash fast and so the family didn’t even have the statues anymore. They were killed for nothing.

SWAT tried tracing their statues on their own. They found out the Weavers sold them to an art appraiser and that the appraiser found several clients for the statues. This means the statues could be all around LA if not the country by the time the team found out about it. They needed all hands on deck. Only Hondo was working a side case. Hondo wanted to go after Hank St. John. He was a notorious drug dealer in the area. He was peddling a new drug ANI. ANI stands for All Night Insanity. It attacks the nervous system and it’s hard to come down from. The latest victim of ANI was a daughter of a friend. Her name is Becca.

Becca’s father recently passed away. She hasn’t been doing so well with her grief and she turned to drugs for help. But she hadn’t known that ANI was going to be so brutal on the human body. If Leroy hadn’t been there, Becca might have died. Leroy wanted to stop that drug from ever going back on the street. He contacted Hondo. They discussed it. Hondo brought this case to the drug squad investigating Saint. It turns out that Saint has opened another pill mill not long after they closed the last one. Leroy wanted to put a stop to the drugs and so he offered to be a Criminal Informant for Hondo. The two men working together had come close to infiltrating Saint’s organization when someone got trigger happy.

It ended up ruining the sting operation. Leroy couldn’t be a CI. They also failed to get information on Saint. But the rest of the team fared better. They found out that the murdered family only pretended to sell the statues. They instead made fakes that they sold while holding onto the real ones. Tan later found the real ones when he was searching for Caitlin’s dog. Which turned out to be a stuffed dog for comfort. Tan found the statues by looking for a stuffed animal and he called it to his team. They came rushing to his aide after the bad guys also learned the goods were still at the house.

SWAT ran into the killers and it wasn’t long before SWAT was able to take down the bad guys. They also got their hands on the statues. The statues will probably go back on the auction block, but now it will set up Caitlin’s future and that’s all that matters. And after Street almost got shot on the job, Chris had a change of heart.

Chris pursued Street and the two finally slept together.

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