S.W.A.T.: 5.22 ‘Farewell’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the fifth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 5.22 “Farewell”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

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Street woke up to his dream girl in bed with him. He’s been in love with Chris for a long time. He was glad that she finally admitted to her own feelings for him and that the two finally slept together. Chris tried to sneak out before Luca came home, but Luca came home early and he saw that the two of them were together and he was just so happy for them. He even wants to high-five them. Chris had to shut that one down. She also told him not to tell anyone because this was Chris’s last day and neither she nor Street wanted to ruin that with rumors. They were going to be open about their relationship they officially stopped working together. Not before. Chris and Street just wanted her last day to go out on a high.

The team was later called out to a nasty scene at a chemical lab on campus. Someone who had gotten fired due to a disciplinary hearing had come back for revenge and he forced the class by gunpoint to build toxic bombs that could kill thousands. He then left the case and their professor with one of those bombs and escaped with the others. But SWAT came on the scene. They rescued the people that the killer left for dead. They heard from the professor who did this. His name was Joseph Reid. He made the rest of them build a nerve gas that needed one other component. That component could be found at the hospital.

The team went to the hospital. Someone had taken several of their supplies and security footage showed that Reid’s roommate was the person helping him. The team learned this right around the same time that they went looking for Reid. They found the roommate instead who tried to spray them with something, but he only managed to spray himself. Reid meanwhile was getting away and he wasn’t the only one. He had a whole crew helping him cook up this nerve gas. Odds are that they were planning a terrorist attack. Hondo informed his team what he found at the hospital and the sheer amount they were cooking up could kill thousands.

This was so much bigger than kids being ticked off at the university. These young men were planning a terrorist attack and so the question was why? Why were they doing this? Reid was British with a British father and an Afghani mother. He used to go back and forth between the two countries. He still had family in Afghanistan when America withdrew its troops. Reid’s family back there were ultimately killed by the Taliban for assisting the Americans as interpreters. So, Reid had a lot of reasons to be angry at the U.S. It also didn’t help that he got kicked out of the Ph.D. program once his grades started to go down. And so Reid found like-minded people.

Reid found people who’ve also lost loved ones in Afghanistan. One of his roommates served overseas where he was killed and the war didn’t end in a victory for their side. Reid went on to kill the other roommate that didn’t agree with his plans. But he found a third member who did agree. There was also a fourth person. Reid was a part of an organization. They all wanted revenge against Americans for what happened in the war in Afghanistan. Hondo and his team later found one of the men involved when he tried to release a gas attack at a building that Marine recruitment. And so Hondo forced the guy to stay in the building without a mask on in order to find out where the gas was put.

The terrorist gave up the location. They were able to find it and put a cap back on it. But Reid wasn’t done with just hitting one site. They spoke to Reid via the burner on his friend. They told him that the plan failed and he said that everyone will pay. Everyone that his uncle welcomed, but who left him to be murdered by the Taliban will pay. The uncle acted as an interpreter. The team found out which military unit he was assisting and they found out that unit was currently in LA. They agreed to meet up to watch Fleet Week onboard the Queen Victoria ship. Another person on board was Nichelle.

Nichelle told Hondo that she was taking a class to check out the ship. Hondo couldn’t get into contact with her and so he called his dad to just make sure she went on the boat. His dad said she did. He also told Hondo that Nichelle was pregnant. He had heard fear in his son’s voice and he wanted to warn him that Nichelle might be in danger. So, Hondo went rushing in to go rescue his pregnant girlfriend. He came across Reid and his one last partner. They were able to stop both men, but not before Reid sent one of the gas tanks down into the ship’s structure. And so Hondo and Luca went after it. Luca ended up getting exposed to the gas, but Hondo had an antidote on him and he was able to stop the gas from killing Luca.

All in all, it was an amazing last day for Chris. She later turned in her gun and badge. She also went for drinks with the team and there they all learned that Luca was going to be baby Hondo’s godfather.

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