S.W.A.T.: 6.03 ‘Woah Black Betty’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the sixth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 6.03 “Woah Black Betty”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

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It wasn’t long before Deacon’s church began fundraising for Nichelle’s community center and Street was helping him with dropping those items off. Both Deacon and Street ran into Nichelle at the center. Nichelle had an envelope with her baby’s gender in it. She gave this closed envelope to Deacon because Deacon’s wife Annie was going to be making their gender reveal cake and so Deacon took it with him. His plan was to drop it off with his wife at the first opportunity. Only he ended up taking it with him when he and the rest of his team got called to work.

They responded to the situation at an office building. They got a call that someone had been shot, but when they got there, they didn’t find any of the victims had been shot and the men that came in with guns were all seemingly gone. It was Hondo who was the first to realize it was a ruse. He said something was up and they went back outside only it was too late. They didn’t find Black Betty. Black Betty was their armored vehicle. She was high-tech and dangerous. She was also Luca’s one great love. He more than anybody felt her loss after she had been stolen. The bad guys had taken Black Betty. No one knew what for. They just knew it wasn’t going to be good.

Luca felt lost after Black Betty was stolen. He attached most of his identity as a SWAT officer to that armored truck. Luca even still had the keys on him because he’s always safe with the vehicle and so the first thing the team did was find out how the crew cloned the key. Luca never left the key out of sight. But there was a new technology that allows someone to clone a pair of keys in spite of being in someone’s hand. It’s what happened with Black Betty. SWAT pulled up old videos from the vehicle and they found someone standing a couple of feet away from Luca during a call. They cloned Luca’s key. And that’s how they stole Black Betty.

They also knew enough about the armored vehicle to pull out its tracker. SWAT had no way of tracking it without that thing and yet they were one step closer after they identified the man with the cloning device. His name was McCabe. McCabe cloned the key. SWAT went to his apartment to arrest him and they ran into the FBI there. Namely, FBI Special Agent Vasquez. Vasquez was a familiar face to Hondo. They were both patrol cops together. Vasquez also has beef with Hicks. Hicks was on a panel that ultimately denied her a place on SWAT. This was back when there weren’t any women in SWAT. Chris broke through that glass ceiling.

Before Chris, really great women were denied a job simply because of their sex. Vasquez was one of those women. She still resents that she was denied an opportunity to work with the best. But she seemed to have landed on her feet with the FBI. Deacon introduced her to everyone else. He also pulled Street aside to tell him he lost the envelope. He left the envelope in Black Betty. He had no idea how to explain that to anyone and so Street told him to simply call Nichelle’s doctor. He said the doctor’s office already knew Nischelle was planning a gender reveal. All Deacon has to do is call them and explain he lost the envelope. They’ll tell him the baby’s gender.

Deacon liked the idea of no one knowing he messed up. He called the doctor’s office. He found out that the baby was a girl and the lady on the phone was kinda loud because Street heard it. He said “girl” out loud. Another cop in the locker room heard it. Deacon asked everyone not to say anything to Hondo, but the information was out there now and Deacon was worried the gossip mill would tell Hondo before the weekend party. So, Street asked how fast can Annie bake. Deacon replied that Annie was at law school and so he couldn’t pull her aside for a quick bake session. He also didn’t have time to worry about it because he and Street got called to another emergency.

The crew that stole Black Betty had done so to help sell the fact they were pretending to be SWAT. They used the opportunity to talk their way into a bank and they stole something in a vault. But Hondo and his team had the opportunity to stop McCabe and Vasquez let them go. Vasquez put the team at risk. She never explained her plan before going in and so SWAT was all ticked off with her. They demanded answers. Especially as Hicks called her boss’s equivalent to his own position and that guy had no clue what Vasquez was doing. He also said there was no RICO investigation into McCabe.

The RICO investigation was merely a lie that Vasquez told the team to get included in their case. She was after McCabe because McCabe was a terrorist. He’s been working with Gustav Varner. Varner has attacked several NATO countries by setting off bombs. He was hoping to do the same with the United States and Vasquez wanted to stop them. Which is why she let McCabe go. She wanted McCabe to lead them to Varner. They had captured one of McCabe’s men. A white supremacist who was a patriot and who turned on McCabe the moment he heard terrorism was involved. And so the team later caught up with McCabe as well as with Varner.

They were arrested. Black Betty recovered. But Vasquez didn’t get the credit. She was fine with that happening because she didn’t do her job for the credit. She did it because she wants to help people and so Hicks came to regret not making her a SWAT officer. And the team forgave Vasquez once they realized she hadn’t gone rogue. She had the backing of the FBI went she chose to cut McCabe loose. And she did take down a terrorist after all.

As for the gender reveal, Hicks and the team arranged a nice surprise for Hondo and Nischelle with pink balloons hidden in Black Betty. The couple found out they were having a girl and everyone got to celebrate it.

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