S.W.A.T.: 6.07 ‘Sequel’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the sixth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 6.07 “Sequel”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

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Tan’s anniversary was coming soon. He couldn’t figure out what to get his wife. He asked Deacon as the resident married guy what he does for his anniversary and Deacon said he takes his wife to the same restaurant where they had their first date. He does it every year. But Tan couldn’t do it for his own anniversary. He and his wife both hated the place where they had their first date. They vowed to never return there and so he next tried asking the new girl for an idea. She said she doesn’t do romance. She gave it up after she married her high school sweetheart, and they ended up getting a divorce because he cheated on her with one of her close friends. And so, Tan was still figuring out his next move when the call came in.

SWAT was called in after a woman reported seeing an armed man in her house. SWAT went to the scene. They cleared every room until they found the woman in question. They also came across Rodrigo Sanchez. Sanchez used to be a team leader in SWAT. Sanchez said he was at the house for a meeting when he saw an armed man, got shot at, and was pursuing the guy up until SWAT got in the way. Sanchez left SWAT to become head of security at a major studio. The woman who was almost killed in her own home was an actress. Her name is Serena Mendez. She’s done a lot of low-budget films and she was just given her big shot to lead a major franchise. And so, Sanchez looks out for her.

Sanchez was also a great deal of help in finding out who wanted her dead. He was good at his job. He looked into each and every stalker Serena ever had. They were mostly harmless. There was a woman in her eighties who thought Serena was an actual alien because she played one in a film. There were a bunch of teenage boys who were superfans. But who didn’t know how to talk or communicate because they were the TikTok generation? Sanchez checked each of them only he missed Leo Smith. Smith kept reaching out to Serena online. He asked her to be in his film. When she never replied, he turned nasty. He called every word under the sun and yet he wasn’t their guy.

Smith had an alibi for the attack. SWAT was back to looking for suspects and they wanted to put Serena under protective detail in the meantime. She turned them down. She said Sanchez was looking out for her. She also was putting in a security system. Only it was her boyfriend who was putting in the system. He said he was going to DIY it. The boyfriend was another actor and he was acting a bit shifty around Hondo and Deacon. They picked up on it. They were asking him questions when Sanchez said Cody wasn’t a threat. He checked him out. He also told SWAT that he could protect Serena and that they weren’t needed.

Sanchez was letting his pride get in the way of SWAT doing their job. He may have once been a part of SWAT, but it seems he had a point to prove to Hondo and so Hondo tried to work around him. They looked into the boyfriend. The boyfriend went from being broke to suddenly buy Serena a brand-new Lamborghini and he paid for it in cash. It turns out Cody found something in the house. Cody was in charge of the bathroom remodel. He found a cash stash belonging to the previous owner of the house. The previous owner was Ari Perez. He was Israeli mafia. The feds confiscated his assets and then put his house up for auction. And so, Serena bought the house from the auction.

Serena had no clue that there were six million dollars hidden in the house. She didn’t realize it until Ari Perez abducted her and Sanchez. Those two were interrogated. Perez demanded to know where his money was that was hidden in the bathroom. Serena confessed that her boyfriend was remodeling. They had her call her boyfriend and demand that he drops off the money. But SWAT picked up Cody. They were alerted by Sanchez before he was taken that he was about to be taken. They tried using the information Sanchez had before the phone went dead. They also inadvertently caused a delay in the ransom demand being met. They knew it would make Perez nervous. So, they tracked down the person who was supposed to pick up the money back to Perez’s hiding place and they were able to kill Perez as well as rescue the two kidnapped parties. Sanchez even thanked Hondo for saving his life. He said he was glad it was Hondo leading the team and later he arranged for Tan to take his wife to Serena’s premier party. And unfortunately, Tan couldn’t take him up on the offer because his wife was too busy working to come home on the time of it. Thereby missing their anniversary.

And Luca found out that one of the kids and his mentors was moving away. Kelly’s mom got a great job offer in San Diego and so Tauna had to take it. And Luca had to accept the change because deep down he believes Tauna would never do anything that would jeopardize her daughter.

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