S.W.A.T.: 6.09 ‘Pariah’ Screencaps

I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from the sixth season of S.W.A.T. – Episode 6.09 “Pariah”. Check out the gallery for the captures of Shemar via the links below!

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Hondo and Nichelle are having a baby together. They’ve even move in together. But Hondo hasn’t met Nichelle’s parents just yet. There was always one reason or another to push it off. They were only now getting to it because again they were having a baby.

Her parents wanted to be involved in the baby’s life and to do that they have to meet and get on board with the baby’s father. It was in the best interest of everyone for that last part to happen. Hondo agreed to meet Nichelle’s parents after his shift and it turns out it was uncomfortable shift for a lot of reasons. One of them being that Luca learned he had a half-sister.

Her name is Eva Durant. She’s a cop. She was the daughter of Sofia Durant. Her mother was a cop who worked with Luca’s dad back in the day and they apparently had an affair.

Luca Senior did not know about Eva. Eva hasn’t reached out to him. She first thought it would be okay to introduce herself to her half-brother because they were both cops and Luca had full on meltdown when she introduced herself. He refused to believe his dad could have cheated on his mom. He thought his parents were happily in love. He didn’t want to think his dad could betray his mom or their family and so he tried to convince Eva that her mother lied.

It was better for him to believe Eva’s mother lied than consider the possibility she could be his sister. But then they got called out to a scene of an attack. Someone used Molotov cocktails to drive people outside and then they started picking them off by shooting them. This wasn’t the first incident with the shooter.

There was another mass shooting in which the killer used bombs to force people outside. Therefore, the killer had already done this twice by time SWAT caught the case. Hondo didn’t want to go for three with this one. He took matters in his own hand. He went to the hospital. He questioned the survivors and one of them saw the killer.

The killer was Hispanic according to the witness. He also said he looked young. There was later evidence that indicated the killer wasn’t acting alone. There was a second shooter/killer. Hondo and his team traced the car they were using back to a housing development.

The area was run by a Latino gang known as the Third Street Bravos. The people there were hostile to cops. Someone got out of hand by throwing a bottle at Officer Alexis Cabrera. The person who did it was arrested and it was revealed that it was Alexis’s cousin. The same cousin that she arrested a while ago. Her aunt had her asked to arrest her cousin to keep her from joining a gang.

Alexis has been known as a rat ever since then. She never told anyone in the family that it was her aunt who asked her to arrest her cousin. She just kept her head down and let everyone hate her. That aside, though, they got her cousin to talk. The Third Street Bravos weren’t behind the shootings. Someone was trying to frame them. The cousin even knew who would have that big of a grudge. His name was Felipe Calvo. He got kicked out of the gang for being too hardcore. He was now trying to form his own gang and his initiation process involved mass shootings. Its why each incident had a different killer and they were always described as young and Latino.

It turns out Felipe wasn’t just starting his own gang. He also wanted to take revenge against the Third Street Bravos. He was framing them with that car in their neighborhood. He was also targeting business that helped former gang members from that very same gang. Felipe could have been one of those people and he chose to instead go in a different direction. He recruited a teenage girl into pulling off the third shooting, but she was found and stopped before that could happen. Talia was arrested. She was questioned about Felipe. She didn’t want to talk, and it was Alexis who finally got her to open up.

Alexis was from the same neighborhood. She knows what it’s like. She knows that Talia only wanted to join a gang so that she could take pride in her neighborhood again and not feel like an outsider. Alexis convinced Talia to open up her cell for them. The cops then used that to get a tracker on Felipe’s phone and they tracked down him and the two other shooters to a meeting place. The cops tried to move in fast, but they were seen and shot at. And everything devolved into chaos before people were finally arrested.

The reign of terror was over.

Only the whole thing brought Alexis closer to her cousin. They made peace about Alexis arresting her and Alexis explained that she would have done anything to keep Raquel out of the life.

Hondo however had a meeting with Nichelle’s father. The man visited earlier in the day to basically told Hondo that there was nothing he could do and that he just didn’t like him. He said he would hold his tongue for the baby’s sake, but that was it and so Hondo talked to Deacon about troubling in-laws. Deacon told him to treat his in-laws like a hostage negotiation. Something Hondo tried to do and failed at. Hondo told Nichelle’s parents that they don’t get to dictate where he raises their grandchild or in what matter. And when her father demanded an apology, Hondo refused to give one and the Carmichaels stormed off.

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